Complex processes easy to understand

Personalized process views enable each process participant to understand his tasks in the business process. Therefore, clavii BPM Cloud removes or groups information, that are not relevant for a specific employee. Understanding their tasks is crucial for process participants to achieve Process Excellence.

Process participants are able to change and optimize business processes directly in their (process) view. This way, all process documentation are always up-to-date.

Speak the language of your employees

clavii BPM Cloud offers various possibilities to change the representation of process models. For example, an automated transformation in a written process documentation enables process participants without specific process modeling know-how to understand their tasks.


The following process modeling languages are supported:
• BPMN 2.0
• Form-based
• Text-basiert

Cloud-based app: no installation

The clavii BPM Cloud uses up-to-date web technologies and is therefore accessible on all modern web browsers as well as on your smartphone or tablet.

Not only understand, but also execute

Process participant should not only understand their business processes, but also be able to directly execute them. Only this way companies are able to achieve a high Process Compliance and provide highest quality to their customers. clavii BPM Cloud uses well etablished BPM technology.

Process executions are not always rigid. clavii BPM Cloud enables case-based and flexible adaptations of processes at run-time.